Paderewski Academy


Paderewski Academy shapes talents of the future political and economic leaders. It offers series of workshops and ceremonial meetings with personalities of Polish public sphere.

This year’s edition of the Paderewski Academy will run in the form of three weekend meetings, which take place every two weeks during the period from 8th of April to 9th of May. During each weekend they will address issues related to various topics. Accordingly this will be as follows: effective public administration, innovative economy, and Polish role in the international arena.

Each meeting will consist of several elements:

  • Two lectures
  • Workshops in the form of a case study
  • Debate

Debates in cooperation with Debating Club will be in a mixed form: several rules from Oxford and parliamentary style will be undertaken in order to create an opportunity for interesting, valuable discussions. The workshop on the other hand will be conducted by eminent personalities of Polish public sphere and the media – experts in the field. Each workshop will present at least two different points of view, allowing to explore different perspectives of the important issues of the Polish economy and social life, also presenting the opportunity to develop soft skills necessary for working in business.