Emerging Markets Business Summit

Emerging Markets Business Summit is a short-term business exchange programme between universities from developing countries across the globe. This year, the 5th edition of the Project is to be held between June the 22nd-July the 3rd. This remarkable initiative launched by students of the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw is an opportunity to get to know business and political specificities of all countries aspiring to become world’s economic leaders. Previous editions contributed to the development of a durable platform of communication and experience-sharing with the best business schools of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The project also leads to a better understanding of mentality and culture of each of the participating nations, examines social problems and situation in the entire macro-region and analyses challenges and solutions that they face.

Emerging Markets Business Summit consists of two parts: a visit of a foreign delegation to Poland and a visit paid a Partner University’s country by the Polish team.

The climax of the Polish part is EMBC – Emerging Markets Business Conference, this year held on June the 24th, in the Hall of Quotation at the Warsaw Stock Exchange – the event which claims the status of the biggest conference concerning emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe.