Business Project

Business Project is an important element of CEMS MIM curriculum and consists in solving real management problems by international teams of 3 – 4 students.  It takes half of the whole term workload (is worth 15 ECTS) and is realised every year over a period of March – June. The Project is tutored by both the Company and a Professor from the Warsaw School of Economics. The Academic Tutor from SGH helps students in applying scientific methods in the research and analysis related to Business Project topic. The Company’s role is to provide a real-life business experience and assess the business outcomes of the project. The overall policy of Company and University is to find a balance between the added value for the Company in terms of project results and the added value for the students’ education in terms of enriching learning experience. Completing the project is compulsory for every student to credit the term and the whole CEMS MIM programme.


CEMS Club Warsaw has a key role in mediation between the Companies and the University. We invite only the most renowned companies to prepare Business Projects and then conduct a detailed selection of their proposals. Furthermore, we support MIM students with choosing an appropriate and the most suitable BPs for them and supervise the entire process until the final evaluation.